Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Sometimes even if you are lean and everybody mocks you if you hit the gym, you should face them clearly saying “it’s my body and I want it to be fat free”. A slim looking figure might be a chamber of unnecessary fats and make you feel tired most of the times.

To feel light on your toes you need to make sure that you are light within too. Read through the following details of a short yet effective circuit workout that would hardly last 5 minutes. The prerequisite for it is 5 minutes of vigilance and a failry open space. Follow the mentioned procedure regularly and feel the difference:

1. Inverted V Pipe

Time: 30 Seconds

The area of concern for this exercise is Abs, it’s the best exercise on Mat for your abs


  • Lie on your floor, face towards the floor  (downwards direction).
  • Make your grip so that the lower body is held tight and the body movements are  smoother.
  • Spread all of your entire body mass on your toes and hands where your hands are tightly placed on the floor.
  • Once you have attained the position, pull your legs closer to your body such that your body is in an inverted V shape.
  • In order to put the legs away, make use of your hands, put in enough strength to push them away.
  • Continue this activity of pushing in and out for 30 seconds atleast.

2.  We leg lifts

Time : at least 30 seconds

Unlike the first one, this won’t just work on your legs but also on your abs.

  • Spread a mat and Lie down on the floor, looking up.
  • Place your legs together.
  • Now start pulling your legs until they are upto your belly.
  • Now slowly and steadily put them back in no haste, the catch is while attaining your basic position just stretch them outwards.

This is important for better results.

3. Rotating extension ( t shape)-

Starting with push up position and straight your arms. Transfer your weight on your left arm only. Stand right upwards and look up at your right palm, forming a T shape. Holding this position for few minutes and repeat the exercise on your right arm. Repeat the cycle many times within 1 minute per cycle.

4. Skater Hops-

This exercise helps in speed up the heart beat. It can be done without using any equipment and helps in toning the lower part and strengthening it. Stand straight, allowing to put pressure on left leg and hips. Keep your knees bent. Now, jump towards the right side, bending yourself. And jump towards your left side with left leg. Continue this cycle for 1 minute.

5. Push up and knee kick

Time: 30 seconds

This trendy exercise bids a goodbye to conventional push-ups and can be termed as the best exercise for losing weight easily at your own place. You don’t need a lot of area to perform this modern version of push-ups.

This is yours if you want something to take your entire body into work and there is a lot of fat accumulated at your arms and it’s a good starter for women.

Lie down on the floor and push your body up using hands and feet only.

Do a single push-up and move back to your original position.

Bring right knee towards your right elbow and similarly for your left knee and left elbow.

Repeat this for 30 seconds and build strength in your arms and legs.

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